Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things Are Changing Around Here

Things are changing quickly around here!

Spring is almost here, and plants are showing up at the stores. I'm always very tempted to buy a bunch of plants, but I usually end up killing them. I planted some in our flowerbed last year, but they all died. We're looking to move in the next few months, so I wouldn't be able to watch them grow - or die. It's a conundrum - I think we'll probably just have dirt this year.

This is the reason we're hoping to move:

We have another little one on the way! It may not take up much space right now, but before long it will. Babies has so many things; we have no room in our tiny house! We're actually going to really miss this little house, where we've spent our first (nearly) four years of marriage. I am really excited to have more space, though! It'd be really nice to have my family or our friends come for a weekend and not all have to sleep on the floor!

This is how Micah feels about being a big brother - he's very excited! In fact, he's named his stuffed sea horse 'Baby' and carries it all over the house. 

A new baby isn't the only thing changing. Micah is changing and growing so quickly - it seems like just yesterday that he couldn't walk yet! Now he's starting to run around, and he's talking up a storm. Plus, he has almost 16 teeth, including 4 molars! 

Micah recently discovered playgrounds. This picture was him at the top of a slide - he laughs and laughs when we sit at the top! It's been really difficult to get him to leave the playground, though, so we're having to work on that.

This little boy has some dance moves - this video is just a sample of what he can do! He loves music, and last night he was stomping one foot along to a song - he's a good (and entertaining) dancer.

**The sound on this was kind of quiet when I tried to watch it, so be prepared - you may have to turn the volume up if you want to hear the music.. And I don't let him stand that close to the tv all the time - just for a couple minutes of dancing!