Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentimes! A Recap

I don't know what happened, but I've really been in the Valentine's spirit this month. I have hearts hanging all over in our house, I made a Valentine's dinner last night, I made fun crayon presents for our students (I also designed my own colorful cards to go with them), as well as frosted chocolate sugar cookies and cupcakes, I made a really fun paper-cut card for David, and Micah (aka Tricia) sent out Valentine cards. It's been really fun!

Here are some pictures of our Valentines decorations and fun:
Micah's Valentines Card - with his Valentine puppy from last year
Displaying Micah's Valentines card in our house - the paper is a little girly for such a tough little boy,
but it's Valentine's Day, right?

I bought this metal cross at Pier One Imports when I was in college, and I've had it up for a long time. I kind of got tired of it lately, so I spray painted one side aqua blue to change things up and then turned it around so it has a neat finish. It's hanging inside this empty frame in our dining room, and I just stuck the hearts into it.

Micah has been sick this week, with a fever and a cold, which meant that Marci and Anna couldn't come to the dinner I made on Monday evening, but he's finally starting to feel better! He ate a good Valentine's dinner and then got to open his present - 'Clifford's First Valentine' (aboard book - he tears up paper pages like crazy!).  After we read the story, he had to go to bed early - he's been up multiple times a night since he's been sick, so he's a tired boy!

David made me this origami bear as my card! I love it. :)
I made David a card very similar to this one that I found through this link on Pinterest!
It's perfect for my history-loving husband.
We're not all that romantic about Valentine's gifts, (a lot of times we don't give any) but I really think we did a great job of getting gifts this year. David remembered that I've talked about this many times:
Photo from

He bought me the cookbook I've been wanting! I've already used it to make us a Valentine's breakfast. I love the Pioneer Woman, and this is not just any old cookbook - it's really fun to read. It's currently sitting on the floor next to my bed...

David hadn't mentioned needing or wanting a new wallet, but every time you flip his old wallet around, the cards would fall out - that doesn't seem very effective to me. So, I bought him a Patriots leather wallet - from ESPN. I would never have thought that I'd buy something from ESPN's website!

Overall, it really was a great Valentine's Day! David, Micah and I had a lot of fun spending time together as a family, and it was a great opportunity to remind each other of what we already know - that we love each other!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Photo A Day ~ Getting Started

Last week I got a new cell phone, because somebody's sticky little fingers dumped my old phone (which was not new but still worked well) into my coffee. I didn't catch him right away because I was drying off the remote, which had also been dunked - half of the buttons don't work now. What a little stinker that Micah is! 

All's well, though, because I got the iPhone I've been eyeing for a long time! I've been having a lot of fun with it, especially with InstaGram, which I really wanted to do before but couldn't with my old phone.

This phone has a great camera (better than my actual camera, I think), so I decided to do a photo-a-day challenge. Now, I'm terrible at keeping up on goals that involve a daily commitment, but I thought it would be fun to at least try it out. I'm going to use Fat Mum Slim's list of 29 pictures to take in February:

So, here's today's photo: my view today.

Sitting at the computer in our office. I have papers to correct and enter into the gradebook, and I've been finishing David's report cards. I'm also planning for Valentines day, and my list of supplies is covering actual grades. I have this picture of Micah on the backdrop of our computer, and a framed picture of him on the window sill so I can always see him.

I'm looking forward to sharing more of our month of February!