Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentimes! A Recap

I don't know what happened, but I've really been in the Valentine's spirit this month. I have hearts hanging all over in our house, I made a Valentine's dinner last night, I made fun crayon presents for our students (I also designed my own colorful cards to go with them), as well as frosted chocolate sugar cookies and cupcakes, I made a really fun paper-cut card for David, and Micah (aka Tricia) sent out Valentine cards. It's been really fun!

Here are some pictures of our Valentines decorations and fun:
Micah's Valentines Card - with his Valentine puppy from last year
Displaying Micah's Valentines card in our house - the paper is a little girly for such a tough little boy,
but it's Valentine's Day, right?

I bought this metal cross at Pier One Imports when I was in college, and I've had it up for a long time. I kind of got tired of it lately, so I spray painted one side aqua blue to change things up and then turned it around so it has a neat finish. It's hanging inside this empty frame in our dining room, and I just stuck the hearts into it.

Micah has been sick this week, with a fever and a cold, which meant that Marci and Anna couldn't come to the dinner I made on Monday evening, but he's finally starting to feel better! He ate a good Valentine's dinner and then got to open his present - 'Clifford's First Valentine' (aboard book - he tears up paper pages like crazy!).  After we read the story, he had to go to bed early - he's been up multiple times a night since he's been sick, so he's a tired boy!

David made me this origami bear as my card! I love it. :)
I made David a card very similar to this one that I found through this link on Pinterest!
It's perfect for my history-loving husband.
We're not all that romantic about Valentine's gifts, (a lot of times we don't give any) but I really think we did a great job of getting gifts this year. David remembered that I've talked about this many times:
Photo from

He bought me the cookbook I've been wanting! I've already used it to make us a Valentine's breakfast. I love the Pioneer Woman, and this is not just any old cookbook - it's really fun to read. It's currently sitting on the floor next to my bed...

David hadn't mentioned needing or wanting a new wallet, but every time you flip his old wallet around, the cards would fall out - that doesn't seem very effective to me. So, I bought him a Patriots leather wallet - from ESPN. I would never have thought that I'd buy something from ESPN's website!

Overall, it really was a great Valentine's Day! David, Micah and I had a lot of fun spending time together as a family, and it was a great opportunity to remind each other of what we already know - that we love each other!

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  1. I love that cookbook! My brother bought it for me for christmas the year before last. I love reading it!