Monday, July 30, 2012

Home Is Where the Heat Is

We have had a very busy couple of months! School ended, we went on vacation to the coast, waited to close on our house, finally moved into our house (!), we spent a lot of time unpacking, we went to Salem for a wedding, then to my parents' house for my sister's wedding, and spent a few days camping with my family. Summer is here, flying by, and hot as ever. I'm starting to feel a little ready for fall, when we have cooler weather. Fall means we'll have a new baby, though, and I'm not sure I'm ready for that quite yet.

After a long wait, we've moved into our new house, and are loving it! It feels really big compared to our rental, and it's nice to have more amenities, like a dishwasher, air conditioning, AND a spare bathroom! Plus, our backyard has a gigantic sycamore tree, which keeps it cool and shady even when it's really hot out.

Here is a picture of our new house - I hope to have more pictures to share soon, but I've been very bad about taking any lately.

We've been gone a lot lately, for a couple different weddings and some family camping, so we haven't had much time to put up many decorations in our house - it's not quite feeling like we live here yet. Last night I finally got a few pictures up:

And, it doesn't feel like a complete post without another new picture of Micah - he's going to be two in less than three weeks. He's also really into trains, so this old engine in Newhalem (on the way to camping in Winthrop), was the perfect pit-stop to make him happy.