Thursday, May 24, 2012

Boy/Girl Talk

I suddenly realized that I haven't written anything on here in a month! I've had some very busy days in the last month, with working multiple jobs, taking care of Micah, going through the long, seemingly endless but exciting process of buying a house, and planting a garden. We've been busy!

I'm already at 18 weeks with this pregnancy, and I haven't taken one picture to show how much my belly is growing - you can take my word for it, though - it is! And fast. We had an ultrasound this week, a little early because I've been having cramping and some other issues with this pregnancy that I didn't have with Micah.

It was really neat to see this little person, moving all around, sucking on its fingers and waving to us. We also found out that this little baby is a girl!

That was quite a surprise to me, because I was sure that we were having a boy. I'm so excited, though, to have another girl in our family! A little lady who can wear dresses and bows and headbands. A while back, I pinned these, hoping that some day I'd have a little person who could wear something similar - and now we will!

I want to find a pattern for a dress like this little yellow one - it's so adorable!

I'm now presented with a bit of a problem - our new house has three bedrooms and we really feel like it's important to have a guest room. So, the two littles will be sharing a room. I have to figure out how to create a room that's fitting for both a boy AND a girl! I have some ideas, but I think it's going to take some refining!

These are the colors I want to bring into the space - aqua (my current favorite), peach, green and pink. I have gray paint already - Sherwin Williams had a sale! 

I love how this room bring the aqua in on the ceiling - and the foot of aqua at the top makes the smallish room look bigger! So, this is my inspiration, and we'll see what it ends up like! We should be moving into the house sometime in June, so I'll be able to start on their room soon after.