Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny Sunday

It's a beautiful day in Hermiston today! David had a latino league soccer game at noon, so Maverick and I got to go watch him. I think it's about 75 degrees, if not closer to 80! It's wonderful! My shoulders are even sunburned, the first time of (sure to be) many this summer. We enjoyed visiting with friends, and watching the game. Then won, 3-0, and David played defense - he did a great job!

We're at 23 weeks and 2 days right now, and I've included a picture of my ever-growing belly. The baby has been moving around a lot! For a while I could only feel it moving at night, but it's been all times of the day lately. We might have a problem once it gets here - I think it's going to be pretty active.

We still don't know what we're having (besides a baby), which is why I've taken to referring to the baby as "it." Only about three weeks until we find out at our ultrasound (May 11)! We're really looking forward to it. The nursery is going to be animal/zoo themed whether it's a boy or girl, and I've gotten a little bit of a start on decorating.
I took this picture of David and Maverick in our yard after the soccer game this afternoon. They sure do love each other! :)

Here are a couple pictures of what we have so far in the nursery. The crib was given to us by a family friend. The wonderful animal blanket was made by another friend. I made the mobile last night out of scrapbooking paper. (I know the room is looking a little boy-like, but if it's a girl I'll be sure to add some purple in there to distinguish.)
Here's the picture of my growing tummy. David took this last night (4-17-10) after a long day of shopping for baby bargains at garage sales and a consignment sale.


  1. Love the mobiles! Baby room is coming along nicely.
    David and Maverick look so happy together.

  2. Nice blog, Tricia! It feels a little wierd to be a "follower" of anyone but Christ, but it will be fun to see your updates:) I agree with Lora, David & Maverick look like buddies for life.
    Cute blouse!