Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zoo Trip, Family and Baptism!

David and I have had quite the exciting weekend! We took a trip to the Oregon Zoo in Portland on Friday, had a very nice visit with my parents, (during the visit we got our little man's dresser/changing table combination!), and today I was baptized in the freezing Columbia! We had beautful weather all weekend, both in Hermiston and Portland. It was in the 70's in Portland, and the last two days in Hermiston we've been in the 80's!

We left the school at 6:00 on Friday morning, getting on our way for our long field trip. We had two full 15-passenger vans, and David and I drove our car. We had our first stop at Multnomah Falls, which was beautiful but a little chilly at 9:00 in the morning. The zoo parking lot was packed when we got there at around 11:00, but not too bad inside. The kids loved seeing the animals! One of the first grade boys in my group saw a squirrel when we first walked in and was so excited to hear that we'd be seeing animals that were much more interesting than squirrels (like this cute sun bear)!

The kids loved the zebras and giraffes, and the bears! I was amazed at how large the feet of the sleeping polar bears are! Enormous! My favorite this time though, were the elephants! I love that they can be trained to have push logs around, lift their legs on command, and just how cute the gigantic baby was! My feet and back were very sore and tired by the end of the day (we probably won't be making another trip to the zoo until after Micah gets here), but we really enjoyed our time with the kids and their parents! We even got some delicious pizza in The Dalles on the way home!

My parents arrived late Friday night, and we had a great time with them this weekend. We went to McNary Beach, which is beautiful, and right on the river, on Saturday to eat lunch. Then we came home, did some yard work, ate dinner, and went over to some friends' house for dessert. It was a very relaxing day! My parents also brought down the changing table/dresser my dad built for Micah. It is so beautiful, and it matches the other furniture in his room perfectly! I've put a few items in it, but I'm excited to fill it up with his little clothes. :)

This morning, I was baptized in the freezing waters of the Columbia River at McNary Beach. Baptism is something that I've wanted to do for a long time, as I know that it's something that Christ told His people to do when they profess faith in Him. It never seemed like the perfect opportunity, and I probably had been putting it off, but I'm so glad to have been baptized today! I am a follower of Christ, and I know that He has died to save me from my sins. What a great way to show my obedience to him!


  1. What a neat field trip for your students to go on--bet they loved it. And how special for you to have your parents with you (and Micah, too) for your baptism. That's a wonderful memory of God's faithfulness and your obedience.
    Love the changing table, too--that is beautiful and a special gift.

  2. It is great to see how the Lord has lead in your little family these past two years!

    Just as I predicted, you are continuing the pattern of Bob and Lu descendants. That is, if you are a grandson of Bob and Lu, you will have a son. If you are a granddaughter, you will have a girl. It's held true 9 times in a row. I kind of hope for Barb's sake, tho, that the pattern breaks somewhere along the line so she can buy something pink. But she will be so happy to have a grandson, and it will bring memories of her little boys flooding back to her in a very happy way!

    Aunt Laurie