Thursday, August 5, 2010

Box of Randomness

I took a risk last week and made an online purchase called "Box of Randomness." I found it on, which is a site I've recently discovered and like to check out. (They sell children's items, one item at a time unti they've run out, and then change to another item... you can get a pretty good savings from the regular price, usually about 50% off I think.) So, I spent $29 (which includes shipping) on a box of who knows what. They said it was left over products that hadn't sold out completely, possibly diaper bags, toys, or clothing, and I could order specifically for a boy. We have some other friends having little boys soon too, so if it we ended up with something we didn't need, I could give it away as a gift.

Well, my bag (not really a box) came today, and it was a very pleasant surprise!

None of these are items I would pay full price for in a store, but they're some really nice items! The bag contained:
* A Lubies New York Mets stuffed bear (coincidentally, the Mets are high on David's list of favorite teams!), value: $12.95
* A bag of magnetic numbers and counting stars for on the refrigerator, value: $8.75
* A Kate Quinn Organics 3/4 Sleeve thermal tee, size 0-3 months, value: $23.00
* A blue stuffed block... I couldn't find it online, but it's squishy and soft
* Yellow Pukies Track Jacket, size 18 months, value: $36!

Total value: over $80, and I only paid $23 plus shipping!

It may not be the best deals in the world, since I wouldn't have purchased the items at regular price, but it was fun waiting for the bag! I enjoyed opening it up to discover what was inside. :)

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