Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Baby's Changing

This is a re-post, since Blogger deleted it after technical problems. :(

In the past two weeks, Micah has changed so much! I can't believe how quickly it can happen - overnight, it seems.

He's army crawling all around my parents' living room these days! He has an obsession with the entertainment center, and the glass door is covered with his fingerprints and slobbery mouth marks. We've made it into a little game, where he can crawl over to the entertainment center, and then I pull him back by his feet (gently, of course). Then he just crawls right back over.

Last week, Micah got his third tooth in! We were spending a lot of time in the hospital, and he was very fussy the second and third days we were there. Then once that tooth popped through, he was a happy camper again, entertaining everyone around! Right now, he's working on his fourth, the second tooth on the top, and is drooling all over the place.

Because of his teething, he's been biting me, I think because it makes his gums feel better. It doesn't make me feel any better, though, and last weekend I had a tooth-shaped bruise on my shoulder where he sunk that top tooth in. I let him play with this plastic container, which he liked for a teether, but he liked it even better for a hat!

He's also gotten (twice in a week) to spend some good play time with his friend Noah, who we don't get to see nearly enough! They were crawling all around and passing toys back and forth last night as they played together. It's so much fun to have friends with little ones close in age to Micah. He'll never be lacking on friends!

In the midst of a stressful couple of weeks, this baby is a great blessing! He's such a happy little fella, getting people to laugh, and constantly smiling and playing. I'm so thankful for this little boy, who loves everyone he meets and brings a lot of joy into their lives and ours!

I had to throw in a few pictures from a couple of weeks ago - I haven't gotten a chance yet to share them. Micah was able to borrow this swing from his friend Kai. We got to spend a little bit of time outside before heading up to Everson, and Micah really enjoyed it!

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