Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Very Bad Word

Micah really has a mind of his own these days. He's all over the place - crawling wherever he can go, using Maverick's back as a footstool to climb onto the couch, and pulling anything he can reach off of anything he can reach. There are times when I'm exhausted after following him around for an hour, but this is such a fun time in his life!

He's starting to talk! He says 'dog', 'oof' (woof), 'yoww' (meow), 'hi', 'mama', and 'da' (dad). Those are only the words we can recognize. There are many many sounds in his vocabulary, a recent favorite is once again squealing, and I know he's trying to say more than we can understand. Laughs and smiles come so easily to this happy guy, and he's a real joy to us each day!

Here are two videos from this week - look how much he's changed, and so quickly!

One recent development is that Micah can recognize if he has done something wrong. He is such a sweet-hearted, and sensitive little boy, he hates when we tell him 'no' (and not like he's being rebellious - I think he's genuinely saddened) - but mostly he hates it when he has disappointed David. With the most gentle reprimand, almost a whispered 'no' from David, Micah dissolves into tears. He cries and cries, then wants to go to his Daddy to be consoled.

Usually when I tell him no, he doesn't really care. Most of the time he'll stop doing whatever it is I tell him not to, but there are no tears like with his Daddy. I sometimes get the guilty pout sequence. The other day, Micah was playing and climbing on Mav when he leaned down and bit the couch. All I said was, "No Micah, don't bite the couch."

Probably eating a tasty snack of dog hair - his favorite.
'No Micah, don't bite the couch." Head goes down immediately.

"I'm so ashamed of myself - I can't even look at you Mama."

Then face down on the floor for almost an entire minute. Unfortunately I missed the step where
he pressed his face into Maverick's back for 30 seconds.

And then, within minutes, back to playing like nothing happened.
Oh, he's so sweet. I'm going to bookmark this post so that someday I can come back to it and remember how obedient he was to David and Me!

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