Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Fish, Little Fish

Micah took his first set of swimming lessons this summer. He was very nervous at first, since he's barely spent any time in pools or water deeper than four inches. I was really proud of him, because he really improved throughout the two weeks that he took lessons - by the end he was very excited to get into the pool. When we were in the water he would kick his legs, gulp down a few drinks and splash a little bit.

These pictures were from our last day of lessons, and you can tell he's excited to get in - as long as his head didn't get wet!

Yes, his shirt is very small on him... it's not supposed to be a belly shirt. I figured it was better than nothing, and it was the last lesson, so he'll never wear it again!

Funny story about this picture... Notice that Micah's sitting IN the pool, and I'm in front of him - also IN the pool. I had a feeling of doubt about even trying to take this picture, because I know how wonderfully coordinated I tend to be - but I did it anyway. Well, I took this picture and a few more, then promptly dunked the corner of my camera into the water. Luckily it was only a little bit of the camera and I dried it off and reached to set the camera on the edge of the pool - Micah was only 8 inches away from me and as I dried the camera off, I was watching him.

It's important to know that Micah has been learning to 'jump' off the wall of the pool. He can't stand up on his own, so his jumping is a little modified - he leans forward until he falls off, and then I catch him before his head goes under the water.

Well, he decided that the best time to try his new trick was right as I reached over to set my camera on the side. Thank God, I saw him tip forward and I was able to catch him just after his face went into the water - but he jumped into water two feet deep! Yikes! (I will never bring my camera into the pool again - I should have known better!) As I grabbed him, most of my camera went into the pool, since it was dangling from my wrist, which was in the pool. Luckily it was fine, and even more important - Micah was fine!

Here is a little song that we sang at each lesson:

Little fish, little fish, kick your legs!
(Your baby kicks his legs for a few seconds)
Little fish, little fish, blow bubbles!
(Your baby gulps down some big drinks of pool water while you show him how to blow bubbles)
Little fish, little fish, splash the water!
(Your baby watches the other babies splashing in the water)
Little fish, little fish, see the sea!
(Your baby does NOT get dunked, because he will cry and be mad at you for the rest of the night.)

This boy loved to swim - can you tell? We're planning to do more lessons next summer, maybe for two different sessions so Micah can spend a lot more time in the pool! Needless to say, I'll bring along a photographer.

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