Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The End Of An Age

Micah is officially one year old.

Today has been a great day of celebrating, missing naps, opening presents, swimming, and spending quality family time together. We drove up to Tri-Cities this morning to purchase some supplies for Micah's birthday party, coming up this weekend. It wasn't a very long trip, but it was nice to have time together as a family in the car. David and I also bought Micah his birthday presents, which he was able to pick out - a swimming pool shaped like a lion and some water toys for in his pool!

After our galivanting was complete, we came home for some lunch and nap time for the little one. Just as he was waking up, I finished setting up his pool so he went swimming! He really enjoyed splashing around, and David and I sat in folding chairs with our feet in the water. This pool is really fun -- if you hook your hose to the side, it makes a sprinkler! Micah didn't care much about that feature, but I think he'll care more when he's a little older.

Micah also got some presents this evening after swimming lessons from Gram-B, Papa, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Marci and Anna.

He's been having a lot of fun taking out his books -- can you tell? He loves this little crane, the books, the clothes and the firetruck that he was given! Actually, he really loved the clothes! I've never seen a kid examine each piece of clothing they were given, looking them over and then tasting the hanger... I thought maybe he was done with the tasting...

This little guy has changed a lot in the last year -- he's crawling very quickly, pulling up on everything, saying 'Hi' and waving to everything (even vans), barking at any animal he sees, saying 'Ma-Ma' and 'Da-Da' and 'Dog.' Soon he'll be walking and talking even more clearly. Each stage he goes through is so much fun, and I look forward to the next ones!

I feel like I can't remember him being this small!

Happy birthday Micah, you have given us so much joy in the last year! Your dad and I love you more than we ever knew possible and we're so excited to see how God grows you in the years to come. You are an adorable little boy with a lot of love to share and I can't wait to see how that continues to grow and effect others. You are a blessing to me that I could never replace or replicate - I love you, little turtle!

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