Monday, August 8, 2011

And Here We Are In August

Two weeks ago I said 'tomorrow' I would be updating this little blog with more pictures. In the chaos of working full time at Hydromania, having a baby who was sick for a week, and discovering that he is allergic to amoxicilin, I just didn't get a chance to be online much.

These pictures are ones that I took with Daniel and Marci's new camera (I feel sort of envious, but they're very kind and let me use it any chance I get!) at a baby shower for Micah's favorite cousin, Anna, with our Hilliard branch of the family. It was held in our cousin Robyn's back yard in Kennewick, and it was a great time together!

Is he not the cutest little boy you've ever seen? I love this smile!

Little Anna is growing so fast! She's already 6 weeks old, and is so adorable - the second cutest baby I know!

Anna with her mama.

At first Micah didn't seem to be very interested in Anna, but he's slowly getting more and more curious about her.

Micah with his 'Gram-B'

Gram-B and Aunt Cindi are cooing to Anna, while Micah tries to climb up and see his new cousin.

We have a good time together!
More pictures to come soon - but I'm not going to give myself a time constraint - soon is as specific as I can say.

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  1. Congratulations!
    You have beautiful,adorable,babies. I love your pictures.