Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Stinking Way It's Almost August

Where has our summer gone? I can't believe that today is July 27 ~ and I can't seem to keep up on the date... I just looked at the date on the computer thinking it was the 26th at the latest. Time is just flying by, whizzing away into the past. We've been keeping very busy, to the point that it feels like we haven't had any time to rest and relax, much less spend time writing on this blog!

Micah's growing fast - about to turn 1 in just a little over two weeks! He's starting to talk - saying dog and sometimes ma-ma or da-da - and he can bark like a professional dog impersonator. He's crawling all over the place, and starting to pull up and climb onto things. Last week he climbed up stairs for the first time. It's amazing how quickly he's changing and how much he's growing up!

Here are some pictures to keep you caught up on our lives - warning - there are a lot of them! Actually there are so many that I'm going to do multiple summer update posts... so, here are some of my pictures!

He loves food! And having it on his face...

He's also all about making faces right now, especially if it gets a laugh from someone.
He's a little comedian - not sure where he got that from...

He's standing up! Just after I took this picture, he pulled himself over this toy box
and crawled away into the hall - right to his Daddy.

This boy loves books! One of his favorite things to do is to crawl to his tubs of books and take out each one, looking at it as he pulls it out. He'll just sit and look at them for an hour!

Anna got to come to our house for the first time last week! She's already a month old,
which is difficult to believe. Micah seems to be liking her pretty well; he's a little curious about her
but he is pretty gentle if he gets close to her - soon they'll be running around together.

We borrowed some friends' tent (thanks Whitney!!) for a couple of weekends and took Micah on his first two camping trips!  Here he's helping me pack up our bags while the rain poured down in Lebanon. He wore his pajamas all day. I'm super impressed with Micah - he slept great, all night, on both of our camping trips! That was great for him AND for me and David!

After our tent was packed, Micah and I sat in the car while David (or Da-Da, which is his new name) packed up our tent in the downpour. Thank goodness I have such a kind and generous husband!

Micah got a snack to keep him happy while we waited.

Our little family while camping in Lebanon with our friends. This was during the two hours or so that it wasn't raining. Even though the weather didn't really cooperate for us, we had a great time with our college friends, and enjoyed every minute we had with them!

I warned you there were a lot of pictures! There are still more to come - probably tomorrow, but I won't promise - my days seem to fly by lately. Thanks for looking, hopefully soon I'll be able to be back on a regular blogging schedule, with more frequent pictures and updates on what we're doing and how Micah is growing.

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