Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Etsy Vacation

You may notice (or you may not) that I have removed the link on the right side of the page for my Etsy shop. If you go to Etsy and try to find it - you won't.

I'm taking a little vacation to re-vamp, re-boot, and re-design my shop. I hope to add some fun new products, remove some others that didn't sell well (and I didn't enjoy making as much as others), and keep some of my favorites around. My shop will return in the next month or so with a new look AND a new name!

The new name of my shop is...

Laughing Turtle Design

It's all because of this guy (the name, I mean):

He's really cute!

In the mean time, if you desperately need some coasters or a mini-wallet, you can email me at my new 'Laughing Turtle' email address:

I hope you're enjoying your summer, keeping cool in the hot weather - if you have it - and are spending lots of time in a pool - that's where I want to be right now!

1 comment:

  1. I love the new name for your new shop. Turtles and I have been friends a very long time. Good luck with your new store.