Sunday, August 21, 2011

Party On A Saturday Night

Last night we hosted Micah's first birthday party, in our backyard!
Be warned, there are a lot of pictures to follow...

The invitation - ignore the silly soccer balls.
They're for privacy of our address and my email address/phone number.
The writing on the invitation was much cuter than those soccer balls!

Micah's party was loosely 'Hedgehog' themed. Here is his hedgehog cake,
his smash cake in the front and an array of cupcakes accompanying it.

The hedgehog cake up close.

I made this navy mason jar Friday to hold these daisies.
It was super easy - a tutorial will be coming soon!

The first taste of his cake!

He loved the cake. I thought he'd really dig in, but he took his time, eating little bites slowly.
He really didn't make much of a dent in the cake, but he sure did enjoy it!

Micah's best friend Kai was here, and wanted to get his hands on that cake too!

Then it was time for presents! Micah looked intently at each gift we unwrapped.
He was given some great toys, books and adorable clothes!
David and I with our little messy boy after eating his cake!
Micah had a great time at his party - and so did David and I! Thank you so much to our friends and family who came to help us celebrate Micah's first year of life. You're all very special to us!

Also, a big thanks to my mom and my sister, who drove down for the weekend (a 6 hour trip!), and then helped to get everything ready for the party! You both are awesome!

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