Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Congregation of Alligators

Have you ever wondered what to call groups of animals? We all know the common ones: a herd of elephants, a flock of geese, a pack wolves, but have you heard of a business of ferrets? A murder of crows? A congregation of alligators?

You can look at this section of Wikipedia if you're interested in looking up other animal packs.  Or you can wait and see what I have to show you.

If you look under alligator, you'll see that multiple alligators in one location are not called packs or herds, or even groups, but rather, congregations.

So, because I enjoy a good laugh at a group of animals' expense, I'm providing you with my thoughts on alligator groups - or congregations.

Source: my brain, drawn to give David a good laugh.

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