Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beginning A Project

Way back in June, I mentioned that I wanted to make a quilt for Micah. To set a goal to have a quilt ready for him when he moves into a big-boy bed - in 12 years. I showed the colors I liked, and some fabrics - mostly navy, green and light blue.

Today, I ordered some fabric. Only a fraction of what I'll need in total, so I have much, much more to buy. And somehow, my color palette changed... Orange popped up in there too. When I decorated Micah's room, I used greens, browns, blues and orange mostly, so it only felt natural to put the orange in the mix.

So then I ordered five orange fabrics...

I also drew up a sketch of what I want the quilt to look like. Do other quilters do this? I'm not sure. David asked me this afternoon why I was drawing it first and I realized I wasn't sure. It definitely helps me to have a good idea of what I'm planning to make, and it's helpful for calculating.

My dad is a bit of a perfectionist when he does projects - it's a good thing - he makes beautiful pieces out of wood. He does these perfect drawings of what he's going to make before he makes it. Maybe I take after him in that way? I have to see it before I can really have my head wrapped around it.

So, all that to say, I'm excited to get started when my fabric gets here! Until then, here's the plan and the color scheme:

I'm planning to use five different patterns of each color: blue, green, orange and gray. The background is going to be white. Am I crazy to make a mostly white quilt for a little boy? It's not like he'll be eating in his bed, right?

If you sew or quilt, let me know: Do you draw out your project beforehand? Do you have a computer program that helps you?


  1. Tricia....I think it is creative that you are making your own design. What is the different between you making your own versus looking at a pre-made design? I think you are very creative and that God has given you this ability to be very crafty and design from your head. I am impressed with you making a quilt and hopefully Micah will be impressed too when he is married and has this as a treasure from his own mom. What a blessing for Micah!!! =)
    My mom has made each of us kids a quilt except my little brother which is in the process. She has a friend that is an excellent quilter, but I am proud of the quilt she has made Andrew and I.
    Keep up the great work Tricia!!! =) Looks fantastic on paper and I know it will look even better in fabric = quilt!!! =)

  2. I think drawing it out is a great idea. It gives you a plan and an idea of what you are going to do and how much fabric you need. I think it's a great idea especially as you incorporate lots of different fabrics.
    - Michelle Cramer