Saturday, June 18, 2011

You May Be Pinterested...

I know, it's been said.  But the puns and cheesy jokes - my favorite kind, really - with Pinterest are just so easy!

I've been having A LOT of fun on Pinterest - it's a plethera of beautiful kitchens, word art, incredible photos of destinations, and delicious, to-die-for foods:

I found this beautiful graphic, pinned by my good friend, Heather Beal. It's a great representation of my word for the year: JOY. Isn't it beautiful? I love the blue and red together.

Micah's birthday is coming up in August, and I have a board of pins just for planning his woodland (or maybe just hedgehog-themed) birthday party:

I'm also planning a quilt for Micah - maybe for his birthday, but we'll see how quickly I can get to work on it. It'll probably be done around Christmas, so we'll see. It can just be a for-fun present, right? I've been searching online and collecting fabric pins to put together an idea board for his quilt:

I almost feel guilty saying that you should check it out - I know Pinterest has the power to take over your life. David called it "my new love" today. But really, if you like looking at things that are pretty, check it out. If you need in invitation to join, let me know and I'll email you one.

(All images can be found here, on my Pinterest page!)

Just remember - things don't matter. Jesus does.

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  1. I love your woodland theme for the birthday party. Hedge hogs live in the woodlands also so perhaps you can combine them. I think it is adorable and I love your fabric selections board for the quilt.