Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Handsome Man

I have been blessed again with the opportunity to have beautiful pictures taken of Micah. Natalie Hilliard is amazing - she does such a good job!

We went a while back and sat Micah on the side of the road (while we were next to him, of course) overlooking the river, next to some nice wheat grass, while Steve and Natalie shot some photos of the little man. He had a very cute plaid shirt on, and his 'old man hat', as I like to call it.

He is looking much more like a kid now than he did when these were taken, with five teeth (what?!), but these pictures sure are amazing. I miss those chubby cheeks! Enjoy!

This picture is my favorite - it reminds me of a wise old sea captain. I love it!

If you're in the Tri-Cities or Seattle areas and you're looking for some beautiful pictures, you really should look up Natalie's website and take a look at more of her work. She does a great job - her main focus is actually on weddings, but she does great with babies - and you won't regret going with her. Her work is incredible! Thanks Natalie!


  1. you sure have a Beautiful Boy!!!Deanna

  2. Amazing photos of your little adorable dude. Thanks for sharing.