Friday, June 17, 2011

At 10 Months

Micah is having a lot of fun exploring at my parents' house. He's crawling all over the living room, sticking strings, leaves and anything else he can find into his mouth. This afternoon I didn't even realize he had something in his mouth until he spit out a small chunk of a leaf.

He's found a fun new hiding place - the bottom shelf of the end table in my parents' living room. Who knew that this would be such a nice place to play?! He had found one of his green spoons somewhere and was rubbing it all over the shelf - and that pile of papers on top of the table - they belong where he's playing... temporary relocation.

Today he's 10 months old, and growing faster than I ever would have thought. He has four teeth - two on top and two on bottom - and he really enjoys using them to bite my shoulders. He's still not crawling on his hands and knees, but pulls himself around with his arms in a wiggly pseudo-army crawl/worm fashion.

He's not saying any actual words yet, but he sure thinks he is. He has thoughts and comments on everything, all day long. Just the other day, he was attempting to bark at Regi through the glass door at Daniel and Marci's. Micah is such a source of entertainment for us - always smiling, chattering, laughing.

Food is his favorite thing. He's eating a variety of foods, and we're trying to introduce him to new ones fairly regularly. I have really had a hard time with the transition to solid foods, mostly because it's not nearly as simple and quick as breastfeeding. He is really enjoying food though and he has fun playing with it too. Every once in a while I've been giving him a small scoop of cottage cheese after he's done with the rest of his lunch - boy is that a mess. He loves grabbing the little cheese curds though, and even if they end up everywhere, it's worth it to have him try new foods.

I know I've said it before, but this little guy is quite a blessing to us. He really lights up our lives, and even when it's difficult and tiring, being his parent is really the best job I've ever had!

Note: I would never have him wear this bib at home, but at Aunt Marci's he has to wear Anna's bibs.
This is what she has, so this is what he gets.

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