Sunday, June 6, 2010


David and I had a great long weekend for Memorial Day. We spent the weekend, with his grandparents and aunt and uncle, in Packwood, WA. Bob and Lu, his grandparents, live there in a very cute cabin in the woods. We always love spending time there, and this weekend was no exception.

One of the fun features of Packwood on Memorial Day (and Labor Day, but I've never been) is the flea market that happens. The small town, which takes about 1 minute to drive through regularly, and has a few stores, becomes a crazily-busy thrift shopping extravaganza! It was packed with people, vendors, food smells, and hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes. We went down to the flea market twice, for a long while on Saturday, and a short trip Sunday when Maverick got to come with us, and we were very successful. We ended up walking away with: 12 articles of baby clothes (9 of which were brand new with the tags still on) for $12, 5 childrens/Disney movies for $15 (including Finding Nemo, one of my favorites), Scentsy wax for my burner, a brand new video game that sells for $60 but David got it for $12, a box of baseball cards for $5, popcorn, some kids' books, and a package of Bacon Cheddar dip mix. It was a very successful trip, and we both really enjoyed ourselves.

We were able to relax, put our feet up, go for a nice walk back to the waterfall (which was beautiful as always), and play some games with family. This was a much-needed relaxing weekend, and neither of us wanted to leave at the end. We even got a really nice basket full of baby supplies from Gramma and Papa as we were leaving, as a gift for my shower. Such a wonderful weekend! Thanks for letting us come!

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  1. Good description of the Packwood flea market, Tricia--you nailed it! You and David did great with your deals, too. It was very fun being there with you two and Maverick!