Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wallowa Lake Weekend

We went to Wallowa Lake last weekend with David's family. I got some fun pictures, and wanted to share some of them. This little dog lived across the street from the house we stayed at. He was a cute little corgi/border collie puppy, and loved the attention that we gave him.

We drove out to Imnaha on Saturday afternoon, where Paul's aunt and uncle live. They lived in a beautiful little valley, with a river flowing through it. This is the view from their backyard. A few miles further down the river is the old family home-place, where Paul's mom grew up. It was really beautiful, nestled up against the hillside, but I didn't get a picture of it.

Joseph is a fun little town, with a lot of little tourist stores. We went and walked around on Saturday morning. They have a bunch of bronze statues all around town, which were fun to see. It was a really nice day, very sunny, and I should have worn a short-sleeved shirt!

David and I are considering a move to this teepee in Joseph.

This is the river that was right behind the house we stayed in. It was a very soothing sound as we went to sleep with the window open each night.

This bull statue was across the street from the house we stayed at. I tried to get on it for a picture, but in my largeness I could only get up as high as his head... not quite as realistic. I think Barb got a picture of me on it, but I look like a dork sitting on the head....

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