Monday, October 25, 2010

10 Weeks

Tomorrow Micah is going to be 10 weeks old, and he's getting so big! An update on what he's doing:

* He's smiling all the time! Maverick walked up to him while he was sitting in his chair this morning while I was getting ready for work, and Micah had the biggest smile on his face! He's responding with smiles to faces and noises we're making at him. Yesterday I also heard him laugh for the first time, when I was tickling his little tummy. :)

* He's sitting up on our laps and on the floor (with a lot of help from us). It's been fun to be able to hold him on my lap at the table.

* He's in school! What a great baby he is all morning at school. We have a vibrating bouncy chair for him out there, and he gets moved around quite a bit. As I mentioned before, the kids love having him, and the older girls offer pretty often to have him sit by them while they do their work.

* He's looking much bigger, and he's getting heavier every day!

I took this first picture when he was 2 weeks old... look how tiny he was!  With his arms spread out, he still has lots of room around his head.

This picture was taken last night! (He doesn't sleep in his bassinet any more (it's much to small for him), but I put him in that sleep sack and wanted to see how much bigger he was... his feet are touching the end of the bag... it's supposed to fit until 9 months. I doubt that very much!)

This was taken this afternoon after our field trip.... so happy and sweet!

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