Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sick Day With Micah

I'm home sick with a cold, sore throat and headache today, but I'm finding out that it's much more fun to be home sick with Micah than by myself. I'm enjoying watching him smile and giggle. :) I just brought in his swing from the shed to see how he likes it... it's a big hit! Here are some pictures and a video from our day at home:

Sorry this video is grainy, it was dark in our room, and I took it on the camera rather than the video camera.

Last night we went to a fun Harvest dinner at the Hutterites' colony. It was delicious, lots of different kinds of food, and they all were delicious. :) Micah was getting tired, and when we got home I set him on my pillow... he wanted to stay!

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