Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little _____________ Gone?

This is the unfortunate and constant state of my life... looking for that thing I lost. I'm constantly taking apart the couch, digging through drawers, and wandering around our house picking up items to see if, just maybe, they are covering that thing I lost. Today, as in most days, it was my camera. I had the memory card (it had been in the laptop), but it doesn't do much good on its own. Eventually, after 10 minutes of searching, I found it... on top of the stereo, where I swear I had already looked. It WAS face down, so maybe that's why I didn't see it....

What I need is one of those little thing finders where you clap and it whistles, or you whistle and it claps or something... really I need about a dozen of them. For my camera, video camera, cell phone, three different chargers, my sunglasses, car keys, school keys, David's keys, my purse and the diaper bag. Unfortunately, every time I wanted to find something, I'd be walking around the house clapping and twelve different whistles would go off. Maybe I'm better off just putting things in the same place every time.

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