Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Watermelon Baby

I had my 36.5 week appointment yesterday with Dr. Rudd-McCoy. She said everything looked good; he's growing well and had a nice steady heartbeat. She thinks he's at about 6-pounds right now, and he's well on his way to being an 8-pound baby at birth! Right now he's about the size of a watermelon... which is pretty big! (Maybe that's why I've been craving watermelon so much...) He's not going to fit his newborn clothes for long! David keeps saying we're going to have to change his clothes three times a day to get him into each little outfit.

I've been able to feel him moving for most of this pregnancy, but it has really changed in the last few weeks. He's getting VERY strong, kicking me in the bladder, kidneys, ribs, and pretty much anywhere he can get his little feet. I can't believe how hard he can kick! I'll be glad to see him kicking the air after he's born, rather than my insides. :) I'm not anxious to get him out quite yet though, as I know he still has growing to do before he's ready. When it's time, though, David and I are both really excited to hold him, and see his little face!

Here are some pictures from our camping trip a couple of weekends ago with our college friends. We went to Memaloose State Park, near Hood River, which was a very pretty park. It was really windy though, not hard to believe since it's in the middle of the Columbia River Gorge... I just didn't think about that possibility beforehand. We had a great time with our friends!

In the middle of our camping trip, we also were able to go to Noah and Kirsten's wedding in Troutdale, which was beautiful. They had perfect weather, and it was in a very nice little park. The reception was inside the Troutdale House, which was very pretty. It was a very nice wedding!

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