Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Trip to Visit Grandma

Micah and I spent a few days away from Daddy this last week, visiting my mom who just had surgery. We were there to help her out and keep her company, but I'm not really sure how helpful we were...

We stayed from Tuesday night until Friday morning, and both of us really enjoyed the chance to spend some good time with my mom. She wasn't able to hold him, but got to play with him while he was in the bouncy chair. The drive there was alright, not including the part where Micah cried and cried while I searched for an exit to get off the freeway... it always seems that when you need to make a stop, there is nowhere to be found! The return trip was much better, with only two stops. He started crying as we were getting close to home, but thankfully we were really close!

I am loving being a mom. It's so rewarding to see him learn something new, and then build on that and learn something else. (Like how this morning Micah figured out that if he kicks his legs up in the air and then drops them both to one side he turns onto his side. Then this evening, he was doing this, and almost rolled over! Yikes!) I love when he smiles and has the CUTEST dimples in his cheeks. I love the cute soft pajamas that he wears, and how when he's in them, he's so sweet and cuddly! I just love this little guy! It's so much better to go on a trip with Micah than by myself.

The difficult part of this trip to see my family, though, was actually while we were there. Micah had a growth spurt. In Everson. Away from home. Away from familiarity. Away from his dad and his dog. He was such a grumpy little guy! All day Wednesday and Thursday, whenever I'd set him down, he'd cry. My legs and arms were aching from walking around carrying him and rocking and bouncing. He wouldn't take a nap, and was so tired! Poor little Micah, I think it was a very difficult visit for him. I hate growth spurts!

Thankfully, during our return drive and when we got home on Friday he was only a little fussy, but pretty tired from his lack of sleep the two previous days. Saturday, he was back to our happy, smiling little sweetheart!  See you in a few months, growth spurt, and I hope you come when we're at home next time so our poor little boy can relax a little!

(He did have a little bit of fun at Grandma and Grandpa's, playing with Geoffrey the Giraffe, which my mom keeps at her house for him!)

This is what he looked like whenever I put him down... I thought this would be cute to remember how he could sit up when he was propped with pillows, but apparently he didn't agree...

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