Monday, January 24, 2011

5 Months Old? Is That Possible?

How in the world is time going by so fast?! It seems like just last week that we had a brand new, 9 pound baby, and all of a sudden he's 17 pounds and trying to crawl! Micah has changed our lives completely, but in such a great way! David and I are amazed every day at how much we love him, and how this tiny little guy has made such an impact in our lives.

Here's what he's doing at 5 months (plus a week, since I didn't get to this sooner).

* He's rolling over - I just watched him roll from his back to his belly a few times in our living room. The first time I actually saw it was yesterday at the nursery, but every time I go to get him out of his crib, he's on his tummy (he sleeps on his back, like a good baby. :)  ).

* He's laughing all the time! We love making faces at him, especially in the mirror, because he's starting to be so responsive. He's ticklish and loves to play with us.

* When he's excited or happy, he kicks his feet. I think he learned this from being in his jumperoo, but when he likes something, those feet just start going and going!

* He can't sit up by himself yet, but he's getting close. He can definitely sit up with help, but I don't think it'll be long before he's doing it on his own. The bumbo has really helped with that skill!

* He's still not sleeping through the night, and we had a rough couple of weeks of sleep over the holidays. When he got his 4 month shots, then a cold, then the flu, and two more colds, our schedule really got thrown off. We're finally back to normal, and last night he was only up once, and that was after a 7.5 hour solid stretch of sleep. It does this mama good, to be sure! I need some good sleep!

* He's eating solids! I have given him rice cereal a couple of times, but he didn't seem to excited about it. He really likes avocado though. I've started pureeing some fruits and veggies, and freezing them, so he'll have a variety of different foods to come.

* We're still using our cloth diapers, and we had to switch them all up to size medium! He's a big guy, and small was just... small. I really like the cloth, but I really struggle to keep up on the laundry, especially since the covers aren't supposed to go in the dryer. I hate having to hang them in the bathroom on the shower rod.... oh how I wish it was spring, and they could hang outside! 

We love this little man so much, and it's been such a joy to watch him grow and learn new skills. It's such a blessing to have him, and we're excited to keep watching him learn!

And, he's extremely cute.


Fun hair-do before church last weekend

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