Saturday, January 15, 2011

There's A First Time for Everything

This evening, Micah got to try eating rice cereal for the first time. I think he enjoyed it. He wasn't smiling, but he was opening his mouth for me to put more in. The cereal got all over! He wasn't really pushing it out, but it was just dripping and messy, so after eating he got a bath.

I'm looking forward to introducing him to more foods, slowly, of course. :)

Maverick, of course, had to help

So cute! When I was organizing my pictures on our computer today, I found some more that should have gone in the post from this morning... so here they are!

He got this sweater vest for Christmas from Aunt Marci and Uncle Daniel. So cute!

This is such a funny face.

This little guy loves to be without clothes. (He does have a diaper on... and socks!)

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