Monday, February 14, 2011

For My Valentine

David and I haven't done much for Valentine's Day since we've been married. We have gone out to dinner, and spent time with each other, but we're not really ones to buy big fancy gifts and shower each other with presents. Our house is not decorated with hearts and valentines, besides bags of chocolate hearts and candy... but that's there all year, because I love candy!

We did get to go out to dinner this year, because Marci babysat Micah for us. What a wonderful time we had, enjoying one another's company, and talking over a delicious dinner (Farmer's Kitchen - if you haven't been there - go!), without having to worry about whether Micah needed his diaper changed.

In the last couple of days, I've been thinking back over our relationship, and how it has changed and grown. So, here's a little synopsis, with some fun pictures too. (They're fun for me at least... you might not care. :) )

We started dating in September 2005, during soccer season, after spending the summer doing camp team with two other Corban students.

Soccer season, October (?) 2005

We dated all through college, spending many weekends, parts of summers, and Christmas breaks together in Everson, Hermiston and Salem.

Our first day of junior year (2006) at Corban
At the Nature Trails with friends, Summer 2007
We spent one summer, 2006,  of Camp Team apart except for a week and both knew in that time that we never wanted to be separated for that long again.

At Camp Elkanah, the only week of camp we had together (July 2006)
 We went on lots of adventures: driving to Lincoln City at midnight and during the day, a mission trip to New Orleans and one to the Philippines.

At Lincoln City in October 2006

In New Orleans, Christmas Break 2006
  And then, our senior year, David gave me this:

A few months later, we made it to this:

Two weeks after graduation, we did this:

Best decision I've ever made
May 17, 2008

I really could go on and on with the pictures, but the point is, David, I love you! The last five years together have been great, and I know the next 55 will be even better. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. With God's grace, you'll find that another 55 won't be enough and you'll be asking for more! God bless you as your relationship and your family continues to grow. Stay close to Him and your love will become sweeter and sweeter. Congratulations!

  2. it was so much fun looking through all the pictures. i still remember when you got back after that first summer camp and you kept talking about this guy you really liked and you couldn't stop thinking about him! now you're married and have a baby.

    happy valentines day!