Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now, The Cobwebs Are Gone

Last weekend, my mom and dad came down for a couple of days, and my dad put new windows and doors in our house! Our landlord had been planning to get them replaced for a while, and it worked out really well that Dad could bring his tools, and put them in while they got to visit with David, Micah, and I. Mostly with Micah, though! Coincidentally, my little sister, Stephanie, who really isn't all that little any more, came to visit the same weekend.

It was a really nice weekend with family, and it's great to have new windows. Our old front window, which was enormous, was just a sheet of glass, with a storm window on the outside, maybe four inches apart. Spiders and dirt were in there all the time, and it was always dirty. I would clean it and clean it, and it never was clean! Now, it's beautiful, and it even opens up, so in the summer we'll be able to have some breeze coming through the living room.

I'm so excited to have new windows that open all the way, and are so clear and pretty, and doors that don't let in air when they're closed! Thanks for putting them in, Dad!

The new front window and doors before they were installed.

Micah and Grandma Lora

See how helpful Steph and I were? We're so good at construction-type work...

Although the trees look prettier in this picture, the windows were much worse. Check out that big front window... yuck!

New windows and doors! Yay!

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