Sunday, November 6, 2011

He's Growing Up

Before our eyes, Micah is turning into a little boy. Sometimes it seems like he was just born and I can't fathom how he can be nearly 15 months old. He really is changing quickly, and every couple of days he learns a new word or skill. It's amazing how quickly he absorbs information!

So, here are some recent pictures and some of the things he's up to!

He loves books! He has two small cloth baskets that hold his picture books, and there are many times when both baskets are nearly empty. His books will be spread all across the floor, some open and some closed. Micah loves to look at pictures!

Micah's still not walking, but I'm not worried. He's climbing on everything he can, including Maverick! (Doesn't Mav just look thrilled about it? He may not always love having Micah crawl on him, but Maverick is the most patient dog - he just licks Micah's face and lays there.)

He makes all kinds of animal sounds. His first was dog, then cat, cow and elephant. He's working on more of course, and I think he just figured out monkey but we'll have to try it out a few more times to be sure. I'm amazed at how he has been learning new words so often - he's saying all kinds of things, 'dog', 'ball', 'Hi' (it's kind of like aloha - it means hi and bye!), 'mama', 'da', 'What's that?' is 'isat?', 'Nana or Anana' for Banana or Anna, "Ma' for Maverick, and more. I really think Micah's a smart little boy!

Micah also loves his little cousin Anana, as he calls her. He's always gentle with her and he's interested in what she's doing when we're all together. Soon enough, she'll be on the floor crawling around after him.

He loves hiding under his clothes, and also trying to put them on. In the next picture he's trying to put on his jacket. He laughs and laughs when he does this. He really has a great sense of humor - any time someone is laughing, he starts to laugh too. He's started throwing his head back when he laughs, which is so cute!

Micah really is a sweet, funny little boy. He's changed our lives and we're so thankful! Every day is enriched by his presence, and that just makes me excited for all of the fun times to come. 

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