Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spooky Roo

We're not big on Halloween over here at the Wattenburgers' house, but we did have a good time last weekend. I've been meaning to post pictures of Micah in his cute little costume but time has gotten away from me. It must have something to do with working, being sort of sick this week, and having a child to take care of.

Maverick's a big fan though:

Anyway, we had a nice Halloween, starting Sunday night at our church. We had a Harvest Party, with games for the kids and lots and lots of candy. The kids were encouraged to dress up in a creative Bible-related costume. There were some great costumes there!

Micah, of course, was a little kangaroo! (I don't know why that would be 'of course'...)

He got to go fishing for a glow stick, chew on the tossing rings, and crawl all over the church while the kids played games. He had a blast, even though he didn't really know what was going on most of the time.

On Monday we went downtown to our church and handed out candy for trick-or-treaters at 'Treats on Main." Most of the businesses downtown participate, and it was packed! It's a great way for little kids to dress up and have fun trick-or-treating, but also be in a safe (and not too cold!) environment.

After handing out candy, we walked down the street with Daniel, Marci, Anna the Banana, and Barb (aka Gram-B). We got to visit with one of Micah's Papas (the other one is my dad, up in Everson), and Micah was given a wonderful surprise!

A balloon!

This boy loves balloons, and he was overjoyed! He shook it all over the place while laughing and bouncing it off of other people's foreheads.

Micah ended the night with some fun play time with Anna's toys.

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

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