Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's In YOUR Bag?

Roo, over at Nice Girl Notes is hosting a link-up party this week, where fellow bloggers and readers can share the contents of their purse. I've enjoyed seeing what others have in their bag, so I thought I'd share what's in mine also. I'll also get entered in a drawing to win a beautiful Elliot Lucca bag, which I could definitely make use of!

I carried a diaper bag for a while after Micah was born, and didn't use a purse, but now that he's older I tend to take my purse and fit what he needs in with my stuff. He has a tote bag that we put a change of clothes and his food in, for when he stays with someone during the day, but for a short trip we put a few things in my purse.

This is my purse - the black hole, as I think of it. I can never find anything in there, maybe it's because it usually has all the things shown below, plus 12 crumpled receipts and a bag of candy that has spilled all over the bottom. 

So, here's what I have:

1. Gum - I love Orbit. :)
2. My diaper/wipes carrier. I was given this by a friend and didn't use it for quite a while. I just recently realized that it's amazing and so convenient! I just stick in a small pack of wipes, a diaper and the changing pad that came with it, and we're ready to go. It's made by JJ Cole.
3. A first aid kit, thanks Good Shepherd!
4. Pens - it seems like I can never find one when I need it, then today there are four in there!
5. My side pocket always holds Micah's immunization record (so I don't lose it!) and a pair of earrings. I wish it was because I was so stylish that I was going to put the earrings on, but it's actually because earrings bother my ears and I have to take them off. :(
6. Hand sanitizer and a Shout wipe - I'm constantly spilling on myself and forgetting to use these wipes. I don't know why I even keep it in my purse.
7. Deodorant.
8. Candy - it's always in there! These are left over from Halloween at school yesterday.
9. My wallet, made by me! It's small but it holds the cards I need. The rest are stored away somewhere else, and when I need them I don't have them. 
10. A spare battery for my camera.
11. My calendar - from Target - complete with pictures of Micah, David and I. It also holds an appointment card for Micah's next well child appointment, and a sweet note from my David. Can you read it? It says, "I love you Mrs. Wattenburger." Such a sweet reminder all the time!
12. Twelve is my unlucky number, so I skipped it, kinds of like how some buildings don't have a 13th floor. (Just kidding - I'm just distracted by watching Parenthood!)
13. Costco coupons, stamps and my checkbook. I want to get a Pleated Poppy checkbook cover, but just haven't been willing to spend the money yet. Maybe soon! (I really could just make one, but I'd have to actually do it...)

There you have it! Usually my camera's in there too, but I was using it to take the pictures. You can just imagine that it's there. :) It's small and old and shiny.

I'm linking up with Roo, check it out! Also, while you're over there, take a look at the top advertisement... that's my new ad, starting today ~ Laughing Turtle Design!


  1. wow your purse is pretty! And so organized! Mine is NEVER that organized, I usually have a whole bag of candy and at least 5 dollars in change floating around mine!

  2. Tricia, your family is beautiful! :D Hey, you don't carry coasters around in your bag? ;)