Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Running The Race

Way back in May, I set a goal for myself. Then I blogged about it and told a bunch of people, so I could have some accountability - or be really embarrassed when I didn't follow through. My big mouth helped in this case, because last weekend I accomplished my goal.

I ran an 8K race!

I started working toward this slowly, using the Couch to 5K plan, and increased my distances a little bit. I bought some running shoes, because I didn't have any, and some shorts and a good, dry-fit running shirt. And then, off I went.

My roommates from college, Kayla and Sara, and one of David's roommates, Aaron, ran the race with me this weekend. Peter and David took care of Micah while we were running.

It was nearly 5 miles (4.9 or so), and we started off down-hill, then ran over McNary Dam into Washington. After we crossed the river, we turned around and came back, ending with a very difficult run uphill. And boy, was it hard! It was SO hard!

At first, my goal was that I wanted to finish the race - I was pretty worried about being able to run the entire distance. I had also heard that my friend Tiffany's 5-year old niece was running, and I was hoping that I wouldn't lose to her! Aaron convinced me to set a time goal for myself, and I thought an hour sounded good. That way, I could run most of the time, but if I walked a little it wouldn't be a problem.

Well, my time was 52:25! I definitely beat my goal, and I finished 30th, which isn't too bad! (There were 79 people in the 8k.) It really helped that Sara and I ran together the entire time, because she was pushing me to keep going. And can you tell that she's almost 8 months pregnant?! That girl is amazing - she ran the entire way, and beat me by 30 seconds!

I really enjoyed running with my friends. Aaron took 6th place over all, and Kayla was a couple people ahead of Sara. I feel very good about my results, and I'm definitely planning to run in some more races with them!

Besides being finished, the best part was finishing to this boy smiling at me and saying, "Mama! Mama!"

If you want to see the results, you can find them here. And I did finish ahead of Tiffany's niece, but she did amazingly well!

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  1. :o) Yes you did beat her! She did incredibly well- crazy kid! But you did it! More than I can say for myself! Haha!