Monday, October 24, 2011

A Pumpkin Patch and A Hay Ride

On Friday, Micah and I went on a cousin-outing to Country Mercantile's Harvest Festival to look for the perfect pumpkin, see some animals, and have some lunch. This was the second time I'd been there, the first was a field trip with our students. It's a great fall event, with a hay ride, corn maze and a hay-bale pyramid.

Country Mercantile has a great store, where you can sample salsa and fudge - and it's the most delicious fudge I've ever had! I can't stop thinking about it. We spent a little time in the store, browsing through the shelves, then headed out to the great outdoors. 

Our first stop was the petting zoo. Micah enjoyed seeing the animals, and even tried to pet the sweet little calf.

The weather in Pasco was perfect - it's wasn't hot and sunny, so Micah could wear his sweatshirt, but it wasn't cold at all! And not a drop of rain from the gray-ish skies. We picked out a pumpkin for him, the perfect size for a little guy, and boy did he love it!

Micah also really enjoyed watching his bigger cousin Jonathan, who showed him how to roll pumpkins.

When we made it back to the front desk, we had to weigh Micah's pumpkin, which hit right at half a pound. He wasn't interested in leaving it on the scale though, so we quickly got it back in his hands, and later, in his mouth.

 I wasn't sure how much fun Micah would have at the pumpkin patch, since he's still pretty little, but he really enjoyed it! He was all smiles, especially when he was sitting in the dirt!

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