Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Fun Weekend Project

I've written three posts in three days! What?! Obviously I found my camera, which was hiding in the back seat of our car - I'm really not sure how it got there.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I've been excited to get our house organized. At the same time, I want to change up a few things around the house, because I get bored with our decorations easily. The budget for these kinds of changes is small, as in maybe $10, so I have to be creative.

My friend Sarah posted a picture a month or two ago of a ceramic owl that she found at Goodwill. She spray painted it, and it was totally transformed - very cute! I saw her post and filed the idea away in the back of my mind.

When I went to Packwood over Labor Day weekend with David's side of the family, we spent some time at the flea market - it's always interesting to see what we can find! We bought Micah some great farm toys! I was sort of keeping my eyes open for some kind of owl or bird figurine I could paint and have in the house. And I found one that I thought would work pretty well:

Isn't it ugly? I wouldn't keep it in my house like this, but I picked up a can of aqua spray paint and spread out some newspapers on our driveway. On a whim, I also grabbed a picture frame out of our living room.

I took out the glass and the photo, of course, (isn't Micah adorable though?) and then I got to spray painting. Here are the finished results:

Ignore the dorky plain frame on the top right - I'm in the process of redoing these pictures.

I love how it's a great punch of color in our living room! I even rearranged the shelf, with Micah's Halloween Trick-or-Treating basket in the center - another fun punch of color.

The funny thing is, I went back to look at Sarah's owl after I had put my little blue owl on the shelf and had taken these pictures, and it's the same owl figurine! What is the likelihood of that? Maybe there aren't that many owl figurines out there. Sorry Sarah, I didn't mean to copy you exactly, just to imitate your creativity!

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  1. I love it Tricia! How crazy to find the SAME owl! There must of been a mass production of them in the 70's! :) Yours turned out super cute...I am loving the blue. Everytime I see mine I will think of you and your sweet family. We will be praying for your mom. Blessings.