Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seven Months (And Three Days) Ago

We were here:

I can't even believe that it's been seven months since Micah was born! It feels like forever that we've had him, but it also seems like just a few days. Our lives have totally changed to fit him into our schedules and to adjust to his needs.

At seven months old, Micah is:

* Sitting up like a champ!

* Playing with toys all the time. He loves to see what noises he can get each different toy to make, and he has a few favorites that he really loves.

* Putting everything in his mouth. He's drooling like crazy and I think he's teething again, hopefully this time it'll be effective and he'll actually get some teeth in. I'll miss his little smiles full of gums when he has his teeth though!

* Eating solids a lot more. I've been going slowly on introducing him to new solids, but he likes a lot of different foods. We've recently tried green beans, squash and sweet potatos - he really loved the squash!

* Trying to talk a lot. He just recently said "da-da-da-da," which makes David pretty happy! Maybe soon he'll actually know what he's saying.

* He loves people. At church on Sundays he's always watching the people sitting around us and watching the kids in the nursery. It's like he's studying them to learn how to say the words they're saying.

* Went to his first birthday party this weekend, and he had a lot of fun watching all the people and kids who were there.

Micah is changing so much every day, getting to be more and more fun. I'm loving his slobbery little kisses and his hugs when I pick him up. Only five more months until he's a year old, time sure is flying by!

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