Monday, March 21, 2011

Someday, A Staircase

I've been doing a little bit of daydreaming lately about the house I would build if only I could. It's beautiful, but for the time being it's only in my mind. As I think about it a little more, there are a few details I'd like to share with you. Tonight, it's the staircase.

I don't know why, but I picture us living in a two-story house. Maybe because I think that staircases can be so beautiful.

If we do ever have a set of stairs, I definitely don't want them to be carpeted. I have a little fear of carpeted stairs... hmmm.... has anything ever happened to cause that fear? We'll get into that another day!


I do want a nice-looking, wooden staircase. Maybe something like this:

I would probably go for the painted patterns on the fronts to be in blue or gray, instead of yellow, but I love how each step has a different design. So pretty!

This is definitely the favorite of the staircases I found when perusing online this evening. I love the blue down the center, how it looks like a runner rug but it's actually just paint. Plus, I like the dinosaur. Makes it feel homey!

I love this staircase too. It's so pretty, but simple and nice looking. I love the space that staircases provide for special family photos and framed treasures. I'd love to have some more prominent space in our house for pictures.

I also really appreciate the usefulness and practicality that these stairs provide. I don't know who thought of this, but they're pretty darn smart! Think of all the extra storage provided in this space!

Or, maybe if we think Micah needs some more exercise, we'll go for something like this:

(This looks like the perfect way to fall to your death!)

Who knows if we'll even end up with a staircase someday, but if we do, I know I'll have a hard time deciding what I want them to look like!


  1. love the stairs! i can picture you living in a two-story house. not sure why you wouldn't want carpeted stairs lol.

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