Friday, March 25, 2011

~ CRAFTS ~ A Dress For Anna

We found out on Tuesday evening that we're going to have a niece! Little Anna is coming in June (which we already knew, we just didn't know she was an Anna), and we couldn't be more excited for our little boy to have a girl cousin. I'm looking forward to them growing up and playing together, and hopefully being the best of friends!

I took a bit of a risk on Monday, and made a little dress for Anna without knowing if she was actually a girl. I figured that if the baby ended up being a boy I'd keep the dress for my own little girl someday.

The pattern that I used was really simple, and came with step-by-step instructions. I bought it on Etsy from here, and she emailed me the PDF file. I definitely recommend using patterns like these if you're a sewer. (If you're not and you want to learn, let me know. I'll help you - it really wasn't very difficult!)

So, here's Anna's little dress. I can't wait to see her and see her wear it!

This floral fabric is from a Quilt Shop Hop that I worked at when I was a senior in high school. I've been waiting to use it until I had the perfect project, and I think this is a pretty good use!

I have the pieces cut out for one more dress (size 6-12 months) in these fabrics. If you're interested, email me or go to my Etsy shop, here, to purchase it. If you're local to Hermiston I'll reimburse you the shipping charges through PayPal. :)

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