Sunday, April 10, 2011

100th Post, and One Year Blog-iversary Means...

I'm doing a giveaway!

The year has gone by quickly, and our lives have changed more than I imagined possible last April. It has been a great year for us, and I appreciate everyone who has been reading this silly little blog of mine.

You can win  either a $15 gift card to one of my favorite places...


OR you can win a $20 credit to my Etsy store (with free shipping, of course!), where I really am hoping to have some new products within the next couple of weeks. Maybe some more things like this:

And maybe, just maybe, some of these:

What you have to do is:

* Leave me a comment about a previous post - tell me what you enjoyed, thought was interesting, or disagreed with me about.

You can enter more than once, so to get extra entries, you can:

* Be a follower of this blog.  New or old followers, leave me a comment that you follow, for an entry.
* Comment on another older post (I'll keep track) - but only one entry for this.
* Post about this giveaway on Facebook - and leave a comment that you did.
*Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter - and leave a comment that you did.

So, you can have five entries!

Family and friends are included in this giveaway, of course. You all were the first people to read this blog, and the only ones that I knew were reading it for a long time, and I appreciate you!

I will determine the winner using, next Monday, April 18 - the anniversary of my blog! Good luck!


  1. I'm a follower! And I want to win Starbucks!

  2. Any post with Micah in it is my favorite.....but I do also like hearing what you're learning about parenting, your walk with God, all that stuff. I love your blog, Tricia.

  3. with you guys living in another state, it's so nice being able to see what you guys are up to and watch micah grow up!

  4. check out my status on facebook.

  5. This is my comment saying I posted on facebook :)

  6. I love any post that you do Tricia! They are so fun! Especially the ones that have pictures of little Micah! But my favorite one was probably the post that you did about Micah's day at school. It was good to see what he does with you all day.

  7. Oh and one more thing... yes I follow your blog :)

  8. I am a follower!!!! My favorite posts thus far have been the creamy berry pie recipe AND school days w/Micah...oh, and also the post with the picture of Micah and his cute little buddy ;) i hope i win, i want some coasters!!! :)

  9. just became a follower...dreaming of starbucks! :)

  10. and for another entry...I was pumped to read about Micah sleeping through the night! That is most definitely something to celebrate as a mommy! I love seeing you embark on this wonderful journey of motherhood! Miss seeing you and David on a weekly basis! :)

  11. I am a follower and love the updates about your family. Love the updates on Micah, keep them coming.
    Julie M