Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Bought A Turtle At A Garage Sale

Since he was born, David and I have both referred to Micah as our little turtle. He just resembles a turtle a little bit at times, and the nickname stuck.

This morning, my mom and dad and I went to a few garage sales, and I had a great find for $2 - a turtle costume! The tag said size 0-3 months, which Micah grew out of about 7 months ago, but it looked really big for the size, and I thought it might fit him right now.

Well, it did fit. Barely. It'll never fit on him again, but at least we got a couple of cute pictures!

And that's what I love about garage sales - you never know what you're going to find!


  1. so cute! he makes a great turtle!

  2. hmmmm. . . . .I wonder if Anna wants to be a turtle for trick-or-treat. Turtle, bear, giraffe. . .whatever Micah dresses up as, he's cute!