Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Shower Power

I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower for my wonderful sister-in-law and soon-to-be niece Anna last Saturday. It was a very nice event, and a bunch of our good friends were able to make it. Marci seemed to enjoy it, and it really was a special time spent celebrating the fact that little Anna will be here soon!

Marci and Me - reminds me of Marley and Me... anyway, does it look like we're related? We're not.

Marci, Kara, and Ali - they're all pregnant together!

Marci got a lot of cute little girl clothes for Anna. Girl clothes are just so cute, with all of their ruffles and bows! It kind of makes me want a little girl... someday. Not yet. A niece will do for now.

I made little bows out of fabric for each guest to wear. Some had hair clips and others had bar pins, so they could choose whether to put them in their hair or pin onto their clothes. The color scheme was pink, purple, brown and green, and I used an assortment of fabrics. You may have seen these before:

To drink, we had blueberry-strawberry lemonade... in mini mason jars! (Marci and I both enjoy drinking out of jars... so what, who cares!? <--- the first one to name this line in the comments section can have a free something...)

One of my favorite little creations for the shower was the cupcake stand that my sister, Steph, and I whipped up the morning of the shower. We used some hot glue, plates, and drinking glasses, I mean mason jars, and this is how it turned out:

Also, that girl saved my sanity! She baked the cupcakes (carrot cake and red velvet) for me when I was at training for the soon-to-be-opened (more info on that later) Pregnancy Care Services. Thank you Steph! We should have gotten a picture together...

Thank you to everyone who helped with the shower! Here are some more pictures of the very yummy food:

And the great diaper cake made by Kara

It was such a fun day! I'm glad to have a great sister-in-law like Marci, and it's an honor to be able to celebrate that little life she carries with her!