Thursday, April 21, 2011

Diddy Does the Dishes

We all love getting something for nothing. Maybe that's why I dream of going on Wheel of Fortune some day...

ME: (Spin and land on $1000) "D!"

PAT: "There are 12 D's in the puzzle, giving you $12,000"

ME: "I'll solve, Pat. 'DID DADDY DO THE DISHES OR DID DIDDY?' (No, this would never be the puzzle... but I needed 12 D's so I could win $12,000)"

And then I'd go on to the bonus round and win the fancy schmancy new car! It would be great, and everyone would see how great I am with letters and puzzles!

I think it's safe to say it would be Daddy who did the dishes... can you imagine Diddy doing them?

Probably won't ever happen - and I've never seen them put 12 of the same letter in one puzzle... but a girl can dream, right?

I did win something this week, though! Not $12,000 on Wheel of Fortune, but a pretty fun prize! My friend Roo over at NiceGirlNotes did a giveaway for $20 at Two Poodle Press, and I won!! Woot! Woot!

If you haven't checked out Roo's blog, do it! She's really funny, and I always laugh out loud reading what she says.

So I got to do a little fun, free shopping this week. Free shopping is always the best! Here's what I chose:

Bicycle Print 5x7
 This print is going to go into a frame, and then on the wall in our kitchen. David thinks I'm silly for wanting a picture of a bicycle, but I love it! It's vintage-y and really cute. I'm going for a blue/grey and brown theme in the kitchen, so this will be perfect!
20 Personalized Recipe Cards
I also got these recipe cards. I've been wanting to organize my favorite recipes, and was planning to make recipe cards, but these will already be personalized with my name on them! So cute!

Sissy from Two Poodle is really great! I highly recommend that you check out her Etsy shops, Two Poodle Press and Two Poodle Prints, and of course also check out Roo at Nice Girl Notes!

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